LK Ceramics

Large White Salad Bowl - Wheel Thrown


These beautiful bowls are lovingly wheel thrown in the Sydney home studio of LK Ceramics. Using stoneware clay and inspired by nature - her work is beautifully made, functional and beautiful. These bowls are ideal size for a large salad or fruit bowl.

Colour: Dappled food safe glaze over stoneware (each bowl sold separately)

The first bowl uses a darker stoneware clay with a white glaze. The effect is dappled with spots of brown through the glaze. This bowl is slightly larger than the other bowl, although they are the same price. It measures 30cm in diameter and the sides are 8cm high. 

The second bowl is made with a lighter stoneware clay and finished with a white glaze. The diameter of the bowl is 28cm and the height of the sides is 8cm. 

Care Instructions: All pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe and made to last. 

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