Krista McRae

Twin Souls Stud - Krista McRae


This series of earrings by Krista McRae is designed to celebrate twin souls. Two carefully selected sapphires are paired to nestle together in 9ct yellow gold. Each pair features two round sapphires, each measuring between 2.8-3mm. 

Please note that these earrings are sold individually rather than in a pair. Please get in contact with us to see current availability with colours. 

Krista is based in Melbourne and is inspired to make wearable art. Her intention is to create pieces that tell a story of their beholder. For this reason her pieces are unique and personalised, as they seek to tell something of the history of the individual. 

Also available in this series is the 'Soul Mate' stud, which is also sold individually and has two slightly smaller sapphires set side by side in 9ct yellow gold. The Soul Mate stud is the smaller earring on the top right hand side of the main image in this product listing and can be worn in an alternate piercing alongside the 'Twin Souls' stud.

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