Alison Jackson

Butter Knives - Alison Jackson


Alison Jackson is a regional NSW based maker, she creates a highly-crafted selection of fine contemporary jewellery and objects. By blurring the lines between art, craft, and timeless style, she intertwines our appreciation for the traditional craft of silversmithing and metal forming with minimalist elegant designs to create iconic metal pieces that are both modern and timeless.

A set of two stainless steel butter knives

A unique combination of playful folds creates an intriguing formed knife, it’s perfect for spreading lashings of butter on warm fresh bread.

“Whilst we initially imagined our butter knives spreading butter across fresh warm bread, we’ve since discovered countless other uses for them in our kitchen. Icing cakes, spreading dips and getting the last little bit of vegemite out of the jar… their rounded tip design makes them such a handy piece. We love the fact you’ll be reaching for our flatware pieces time and time again, to help prepare, share and serve delicious meals with loved ones.”

Each knife measures 250mm in length.

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