Polly Wales

Coeur de Confetti Small Padlock Pendant - Polly Wales


Made in the US by British born Polly Wales, this necklace is made from 18ct yellow gold and multi coloured sapphires. The sapphires have been cast into place during the making of the pendant, rather than set into the jewellery afterward, creating an organic, raw and contemporary aesthetic. 

Coeur de Confetti - Small padlock necklace with a burst of sapphires.
The pendant is approximately 17mm in length on a 43cm, 18ct yellow gold chain. 

This necklace can also be ordered in 18ct rose gold and is available in single colour sapphires, rubies, diamonds or any combination of these stones. Please get in touch to discuss options. 

** Shipping will vary so please discuss before purchasing this item. This piece must be posted with insurance

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