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Blossom Earrings - Little Anvil Studios


Misa from Little Anvil Studios creates contemporary Jewellery and Gold & silversmithing pieces that have a lagom style & functionality. Lagom also translates in balance to the way Misa uses recycled mediums and Eco practices in the work shop. Misa is a Swede living in Australia's Noosa hinterland. 

These earrings were beautifully handcrafted using Silver and a demolished kitchen sink and upcycled into contemporary earrings. Made by hand including pulling apart the sink with an angle grinder then gently re shaping in the workshop. Made from stainless steel and recycled sterling silver for your delicate ears. 
By purchasing these you are making a Eco green choice and protecting our precious planet .

Measurements-Length 53mm x Width 15mm

please note** each set of earrings are hand painted so may vary in patterning.

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