Som Luong

Padlock Pendant - Som Luong


These necklaces are handmade in the Sydney studio of Som Luong - these playful amulets are his version of the spirit locks of the Hmong people of South East Asia.

Designed to be fun to wear, these pieces jingle and jangle as you go about your day.

'When I was growing up in Australia in the 90s, it felt as if people like me were just seen as ‘Asian’ by the general populace. In my early 20s, I began visiting more of South East Asia and China and started to get a feel for the complexities and layers of the ethnicities and sub-ethnicities in the regions where my parents were from' - Som

The pendant measures 38mm x 50mm and is strung on waxed cord with a silver toggle allowing you to adjust the length of the neckpiece. 

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