Som Luong

Vajrasattva #6 Necklace - Som Luong


Som Luong lives and works in Sydney.
Som was introduced to silversmithing at Sydney's College of Fine Arts in the early 2000s. At that time, he really wanted to become a jeweller, but his working class father and his internalised working class voice said 'No'. However he kept practicing his craft for over 20 years and is now ready to show his work to the world. Som enjoys the process of creating beautiful jewellery; every cut, every solder, every file mark is done with an awareness of and respect for the part it plays in forming each hand-made piece.

His current interest is in creating jewellery that reflects his Buddhist practice and his exploration of his South-East Asian heritage - pieces that are imbued with a spiritual quality as well as being playful and enjoyable to wear.

from the Bodhisattva Series: Vajrasattva

Sterling sliver, white sapphire, sterling silver chain.
Pendant approx. 24mm x 25mm.
Chain 50cm

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