Ash Hilton

Plain 14ct White Gold Ring - Ash Hilton


New Zealand jeweller, Ash Hilton, makes very beautiful and minimal jewellery and then etches natural and urban motifs. Precious gems are often used to create minature scenes.

This is a very special ring made from New Zealand Beach Gold. The gold is bought from Ash’s own Dad who has special connections to the ultra-small scale (usually 1 or 2 people) alluvial gold operations on the beaches of the West Coast of NZ. 

These super ethical, non-damaging set-ups collect the gold by washing it out of sand or pebbles using water.

After receiving the gold, Ash alloys it himself without sending it away to be refined. Because of this, the rings made from this gold often have some surface imperfections. These in no way compromises the strength of the ring but tell the story of its origin.

2mm 14ct white gold band.
Size O


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