Kate Alterio

Axis Mundi Earrings - Kate Alterio


The Axis Mundi Earrings are a simple yet bold cross design in sterling silver from NZ maker Kate Alterio. These earrings measure approximately 28mm from the top of the hook to the bottom of the earring and are approximately 11mm wide.

These earrings are part of a collection called 'Power and Illusion', which considers how perception dictates how we see ourselves, others and the world around us.

Kate Alterio is a contemporary jeweller and visual artist based on the Kāpiti Coast in New Zealand. Through creative expression, she explores spiritual and metaphysical themes, sacred geometry and the tension between opposites. Working predominantly in silver, gold and pearls, she makes use of repetition, recurring patterns, geometric forms and subtle details. Kate takes a minimalist design approach to convey her conceptual ideas.

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