Erica Bello

Dais Sapphire 18ct Gold Ring - Erica Bello


Erica Bello lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island (US). Crafted with precision, Erica merges architectural forms and traditional jewellery silhouettes to create modern heirlooms.
Influenced by icons of value and strength, Erica’s work communicates an interest in the reinterpretation of powerful imagery. Forms rise from reoccurring motifs in culture and recede into minimal silhouetted structures. Through the use of traditional and contemporary metal smithing techniques graphic imagery is translated into wearable objects. The nature of each piece is amplified through the use of monochromatic industrial finishes.

This ring is 18ct yellow gold with a stain finish. The ring features a blue oval sapphire. 

Each ring has been designed to evoke feelings of nostalgia, and reflect moments of combing through an antique jewellery box. Finished with a soft satin texture each piece looks like it has been unearthed. Rough yet refined.

This ring is in stock in a size M, but can be resized or remade to order. 


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